05 Mar, 2024
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Environment, Health And Safety Market Size, Analysis, Opportunities and Future Prospects 2026

Environment, Health And Safety Market Size Overview: The report is a brilliant presentation of a highly detailed, comprehensive, and accurate research study on the Environment, Health And Safety Market. The research study explores some of the important aspects of the Environment, Health And Safety market and shows how different factors such as price, competition, market […]

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Species of giant hammerhead worms have been infiltrating parts of France for the last two decades

A recent study has confirmed that some squishy invaders have been infiltrating the French ecosystems stealthily while preying on soil-dwelling creatures. As per the latest study, giant hammerhead flatworms are the invaders in question. These are muscular and colorful specimens with elongated heads that resembles that of a hammerhead shark. These flatforms appear similar to […]

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Scientists uncover a horrifying and nightmare shark with more than 300 teeth

The ocean covers around 70% of the Earth’s crust. There are thousands of species living in the lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans. Even after discovering thousands of aquatic species, we have still uncovered 5% of the total ocean which means more than 95% of the oceans remain unexplored. This is pretty unsettling because there are […]

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Rising Temperature is Jazzing up Toxic Mercury Level by 7 Times in Sea Foods: Study

Climate change and global temperature rise are posing various threats to the ecosystem of the world and aquatic realm might be the most affected one. Now, adding some more fuel to this concern, a new study, conducted by a team of Sweden scientists has warned that, rising level of temperature may boost the level of […]

2 mins read

Global Forest Ecosystem Detained Their Inhalation during Topical Warming Interruption: Scientists

The impacts of changing climatic patterns are notable on the entire globe, starting from the South Pole to the North Pole, including the global forest ecosystem. Instead of human being, the climate change and global warming are affecting the forest ecosystems more and numerous previously held studies have confirmed this already. But a recently conducted […]

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Donald Trump’s Administration Could Create Major Setback for Climate Change Efforts: Scientists Warn

The victory of Donald Trump as the presidential candidate of the United State was nothing less than a wonder. However, despite other industries and sectors, the unexpected victory of Trump has brought up several unforeseen and harsh aftermaths for the climate change efforts, given by almost 200 nations under Paris Climate Change Protocol. While, the […]

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Donald Trump Delegates’ Outlook on Climate Change: “Neither a Hoax nor a Major Concern”

The president of America – Donald Trump with his climate change denial statement once took the entire world by storm. However, now some delegates of Trump hints regarding the changes in the scenario. While Trump previously uttered climate change to be a mere hoax, the security appointees of him now confirmed it to be not […]

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2016 to set the record of warmest year, warns NOAA

In less than two weeks, 2016 is going to set a new record of being the hottest year of the world after 120 years, a recently conducted study warned. The abnormal changes in climatic patterns are affecting every single part of the world and ecosystem since past couple of decades. But the current year, 2016 […]

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Nature-Based Recreation Exertions in Cosseted Tracts Molesting Wildlife: Study

Preservation of wildlife and natural legacy has become a sensational concern for the ecologists across the globe. While multiple endeavors are being taken for the preservation of wildlife and natural landscapes, a recently published study reports have brought up something shocking and unusual for the environmentalists. The study led by Courtney Larson from Colorado State […]