Donald Trump’s Administration Could Create Major Setback for Climate Change Efforts: Scientists Warn
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Donald Trump’s Administration Could Create Major Setback for Climate Change Efforts: Scientists Warn

The victory of Donald Trump as the presidential candidate of the United State was nothing less than a wonder. However, despite other industries and sectors, the unexpected victory of Trump has brought up several unforeseen and harsh aftermaths for the climate change efforts, given by almost 200 nations under Paris Climate Change Protocol. While, the entire world is expecting many unsympathetic rules and situations under the administration of Donald Trump, a team of US-based scientists has forecasted some new ambassadorial situations for the climate change endeavors in the near future.

Now, the leading scientists have requested to the prime minister to advise president-elect Donald Trump to admit the serious menace of climate change and to announce his support for global efforts to genuflect global warming. The team of scientists involves one hundred researchers, including some well-known climate scientists from Britain, have submitted a written request to the Prime Minister, asking her to advocate Donald Trump about the potential threats posed by climate change. The team also wrote to Theresa May who clearly represented his unsupportive behavior towards the scientific agreement on the global warming created because of the human activities.

In the letter, the researchers also warn that Trump’s administration is likely to significantly weaken climate change experiments and the data gathering like the records of Earth temperature, which are utilized by the scientists and policymakers across the world.

According to Joanna Haigh, an atmospheric physicist and the co-director of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment at Imperial College London, the administration of Donald Trump, weighty with fossil fuel business sponsors, is likely to contribute multiple major hinders to efforts to handle climate change through the noble actions like cutting satellite data accession for climate forecasting and climate research.

The scientists also predicted that, rather than his disheartened conduct towards the climate change effort and attempts, the president-elect may bear out as more practical than some of the counterpart Republican on the basis of the diplomatically charged problem of climate change, especially if a commercial and security case can be made as for its substitution.

It also seems that he is aggressively moving towards the taking US’s leg back from the major international committees, made to handle the issues of climate change, and although he may also likely to cut financial support for them, predicted the scientists on Monday.