29 Nov, 2023
3 mins read

Scientists uncover a horrifying and nightmare shark with more than 300 teeth

The ocean covers around 70% of the Earth’s crust. There are thousands of species living in the lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans. Even after discovering thousands of aquatic species, we have still uncovered 5% of the total ocean which means more than 95% of the oceans remain unexplored. This is pretty unsettling because there are […]

6 mins read

A New species can develop as fast as two generations can: Shows a Study of Galapagos

36 years ago the arrival of an unknown bird to a remote island in the Galapagos archipelago had provided direct genetic evidence of a novel way in which new species arise. During this week’s issue of the journal Science, researchers from Princeton University and Uppsala University in Sweden reported that the newcomer is referring to […]

2 mins read

Prehistoric sea creatures are to be revealed soon

Around seven years ago, Elk hunter found some remains of species in Montana which scientists later wanted to use as evidence of sea creatures. These sea creatures were presumed to live 70 million years ago under the inland seas of rocky mountains. The new types of elasmosaur are point by point in an article distributed […]

2 mins read

Researchers discover monster bristle worm with largest jaw named after metal guitarist

Largest bristle worm ever has been identified by the researchers of the University of Bristol, Lund University in Sweden and the Royal Ontario Museum. The fossil which is 400 million years old, has been resting in the museum since June 1994 and was discovered by Derek K Armstrong. However, it wasn’t known as to which […]

2 mins read

Biology Wonder: 245 Million-Year-Old Marine Reptile Gave Birth to Young Ones Instead Of Laying Eggs

Archosauromorph – a particular type of reptile species – whose natural reproductive manner was earlier believed to lay eggs, now is on the verge of being proved as self-indulgent, thanks to the fossil of the 245 Million years old aquatic reptile. As we all know most of the mammal species including some lizards and snakes […]

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Scientists Discover Super-Rare Frog “Cave Squeaker” In Zimbabwe after 54 Years

A super rare frog species that has been not witnessed since decades has recently been spotted in Zimbabwe. After some six decades, a team of scientists spotted a super rare frog in Zimbabwe‘s Chimanimani Mountains in December last year. Scientists have been searching for this rare frog species since years and after nearly 54 years, […]

2 mins read

CIRVA Reports Vaquita as Earth’s Most Endangered Oceanic Mammal; Only 30 Left

The Vaquita, which is believed to be a rare mammal species of porpoise endemic is inching closer to complete extermination, warned the newly published report of International Committee for the Recovery of the Vaquita (CIRVA). Regardless of the international efforts given by ecological leaders for saving this super-rare marine mammal, only 30 have left in […]

2 mins read

The Oceanic Whitetip Shark Species Is Inching Closer to Extinction

The declining status of Oceanic Whitetip Sharks has forced the US government to declare it as an endangered aquatic species. The falling status of oceanic whitetip shark in the wild has warranted its listing as ‘threatened’ under the Endangered Species Act – an official wing of the US’s federal government. Regardless of multiple attempts and […]

2 mins read

Scientists Engineered “Semi-Synthetic” Bacteria with Six-Letter Genetic Code 

In a medical breakthrough, a group of scientists successfully engineered new semi-synthetic bacteria that can pave revolutionary pathways for new life formation. By tinkering with genetic material, the scientists have succeeded in developing a new type of life with moderately synthetic DNA. The “Semi-Synthetic” Bacteria having Six-Letter Genetic Code is capable of forming and functioning […]