05 Mar, 2024
3 mins read

Authorities on their toes after bizarre auction of $95,000 Dinosaur Tail in Mexico

Moroccan Authorities are going gaga over the bizarre auction of a 160 million-year-old Moroccan dinosaur tail, suspecting a potential attempt of trafficking a rare Moroccan dinosaur fossil. The fossil put up for auction in Mexico was sold to an anonymous buyer at approximately $95,000, or 1.8 million Mexican pesos. The authorities have opened an urgent investigation whether the […]

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Ancient skeleton of human’s cousin got unveiled

A strange new skeleton of a new kind of species called homo Naledi was found unveiled on the grounds of South Africa. Almost two years ago the excavation was started which finally brought some results. Scientists say that they have similar features to both gorilla and modern species human. A brief on Homo Naledi: Homo Naledi […]

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Prehistoric sea creatures are to be revealed soon

Around seven years ago, Elk hunter found some remains of species in Montana which scientists later wanted to use as evidence of sea creatures. These sea creatures were presumed to live 70 million years ago under the inland seas of rocky mountains. The new types of elasmosaur are point by point in an article distributed […]

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Palaeontologists surprised from Dinosaur cousin’s behaviour

Palaeontologists were surprised to find 245 million years old crocodile fossils in Tanzania. Crocodiles were always known to be Dinosaur’s cousins ever since palaeontologists first found out similarities between dinosaurs and crocodiles. However, according to the recent studies, palaeontologists were surprised to see that they least resemble each other. Palaeontologists on this Wednesday depicted fossils […]

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All you need to know about the oldest fossils on Earth

Finally, the scientists have recently found out some oldest fossils of living organisms on Earth which roughly dates back to 4 billion years ago. Suprised? But true. According to the Canadian scientists, these microorganisms existed about 4.3 million years ago. This fact makes the point evident that these organisms came into existence on Earth, a […]

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Scientists Detect Microfossils of a Tiny And Baggie Aquatic Creature, Claimed to Be Human’s Earliest Ancestor

How is the ancient human being used to looking like? There is no precise answer to this baffling question and researchers across the globe are trying to decipher this enigma by conducting multiple experiments and researches. However, a team of scientists has found some samples of microfossil which is claimed to be the most primitive ancestors […]