19 May, 2024
2 mins read

Dinosaur parenting tips 101: How hefty dinosaurs hatched eggs without crushing them?

Modern birds incubate their eggs while sitting on it and pamper it until they hatch. Similarly, some dinosaurs species used to hatch their eggs by building nests and then incubate it while sitting on it. This thought has raised an intriguing question whether how would a dinosaur weighing more than a ton brood their eggs […]

3 mins read

Palaeontologists surprised from Dinosaur cousin’s behaviour

Palaeontologists were surprised to find 245 million years old crocodile fossils in Tanzania. Crocodiles were always known to be Dinosaur’s cousins ever since palaeontologists first found out similarities between dinosaurs and crocodiles. However, according to the recent studies, palaeontologists were surprised to see that they least resemble each other. Palaeontologists on this Wednesday depicted fossils […]

3 mins read

Scientists presume increasing global warming can cause mammals dwarfing

So far, a lot has been said and written about the growing effect of global warming. Some scientists even declared that if global warming keeps on increasing at this alarming rate then by 2050, there won’t be any Earth to live in. Recent studies on the effect of global warming confirm that global warming can […]