14 Apr, 2024
3 mins read

The infant Dinosaur Baby Louie finally bags a name for itself

Remember 1996 when the National Geographic channel made the little dinosaur infant, Baby Louie a 66 million years old child star of the world? Yes, we all do and today we will tell how baby Louie finally got a name for its existence on Earth. The May cover of National Geographic magazine is designed with […]

3 mins read

New dinosaur fossils called ankylosaur found in Montana, Canada

  During a fossil excavation session in Montana, Canada, the scientist suddenly came across new fossils of Ankylosaur while excavation the caves in search for new fossils. Initially, the scientists came across the ankylosaur tail after which they continued excavating the mug for more fossils. About the research team: A group of scientists and anthropologists […]

3 mins read

World’s toughest bears can survive dried out life

Recently scientists have found that water bears who are termed as the toughest bear so far can survive in the terrestrial land without getting dried out. Read more to found out the scientific secret behind it. These water bears are microscopic in nature and are known as Tardigrades. Tardigrades are the most resilient animals on the […]

3 mins read

Live updates for April the Giraffe giving birth to her child

Animal Adventure Park(AAP) started streaming live updates of April the Giraffe. April is a 15 years old Giraffe who resides in a Zoo in New York. Animal Adventure Park has been streaming the pregnancy video of this 15 years old Giraffe since January, and the video shows the due date is quite near. The youtube video […]

3 mins read

Scientists presume increasing global warming can cause mammals dwarfing

So far, a lot has been said and written about the growing effect of global warming. Some scientists even declared that if global warming keeps on increasing at this alarming rate then by 2050, there won’t be any Earth to live in. Recent studies on the effect of global warming confirm that global warming can […]

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Exclusive fitness fact about African elephants discovered

No one knew that African elephants slept only for 2 hours per day unless this fun research was initiated in African. The fitness tracked down after the research on African elephants proved that these giant animals are the shortest sleeping animal in the world. The studies conducted so far have found out that they sleep […]

2 mins read

Nature-Based Recreation Exertions in Cosseted Tracts Molesting Wildlife: Study

Preservation of wildlife and natural legacy has become a sensational concern for the ecologists across the globe. While multiple endeavors are being taken for the preservation of wildlife and natural landscapes, a recently published study reports have brought up something shocking and unusual for the environmentalists. The study led by Courtney Larson from Colorado State […]