04 Mar, 2024
2 mins read

Famous dinosaur Dippy begins its grand journey in United Kingdom

Dippy, the 70ft-long skeleton replica of Diplodocus carnegii species, is quietly waiting for an escape for more than a century at United Kingdom’s one of the most prestigious — Natural History Museum (NHM). Dippy was housed in the museum since 1905, lived about 145-156 million years ago close to the end of the Jurassic period, and debuted […]

3 mins read

The infant Dinosaur Baby Louie finally bags a name for itself

Remember 1996 when the National Geographic channel made the little dinosaur infant, Baby Louie a 66 million years old child star of the world? Yes, we all do and today we will tell how baby Louie finally got a name for its existence on Earth. The May cover of National Geographic magazine is designed with […]

3 mins read

New dinosaur fossils called ankylosaur found in Montana, Canada

  During a fossil excavation session in Montana, Canada, the scientist suddenly came across new fossils of Ankylosaur while excavation the caves in search for new fossils. Initially, the scientists came across the ankylosaur tail after which they continued excavating the mug for more fossils. About the research team: A group of scientists and anthropologists […]