During a fossil excavation session in Montana, Canada, the scientist suddenly came across new fossils of Ankylosaur while excavation the caves in search for new fossils. Initially, the scientists came across the ankylosaur tail after which they continued excavating the mug for more fossils.

About the research team:

A group of scientists and anthropologists at the Royal Ontario Museum and the University of Toronto, both of which are situated in Canada, has uncovered what is being depicted as one of the entire ankylosaur fossilised skeletal remains ever from the Judith River Formation in Montana. In their research paper which was distributed in the diary Royal Society Open Science, the entire gathering depicts the whole excavation and findings and also contains information about why they trust that the review will uncover more about the assorted qualities of the animals that wandered the Earth not sometime before the finish of the dinosaurs.

How the excavation proceeded?

The research team was actually digging up the cave in order to find some fossils of new animals. However, during their excavation, they suddenly came across ankylosaur tail for where their digging for the species started. This is indeed the first ever full body fossil of ankylosaur which is a species of dinosaur group. They existed on Earth millions of year ago during the Dinosaur period.

After the excavation was completed it was found that the entire specimen is more than 20 feet long. The specimen weights around 5,500 pound approximately. The researchers were very sure about the weight of the specimen even without weighing it.

After further research, it was found that the weight of the fossil is comparable to that of the size of the modern white rhinoceros. The fossil dates back to 75 million years ago when Campania stage existed during the late Cretaceous Period.

About the Specimen of Ankylosaur:

The ankylosaur specimen is a pretty large fossil to be excavated and researched. However, a lot of information about the species has been found. The specimen has a long tail with all spikes over it. After observing the specimen it became very evident that the ankylosaur species had the long spiked tail as self-defence to protect themselves from enemies and unwanted attacks on them. The head looks like that of a dragon with spikes all over the skull area. A similar kind of animal was shown in the movie the ‘Ghostbuster’. Ankylosaur is predicted to look similar to the one in the movie.

The anthropologists have reported that the dinosaur species met its destiny in a waterway or some likeness thereof and was immediately shrouded in silt, which go about as a decent protection material. Notwithstanding bones, the group was additionally ready to make out the remaining parts of delicate tissue which, included spike sheaths and scales. The silt was likewise to be kept in as the example together in its unique arrangement, offering a remarkable portrayal of how the animal looked while still alive. The group additionally takes note of that they are trusting that further investigation of the remaining parts will help fill in holes in the ankylosaurs record.