Over the years a lot has been said and heard about the history of the evolution fo Earth, how it started affording an environment for human life, how civilisations started and modernisation happened and when is Earth going to end.

Remember all those predictions of 2012 when Earth was supposed to burst out due to meteor shower but its 2017 and we are still safe. But everything that starts has to end sometime. That is the natural rule of the Universe and /nature. This time let it be on Nobel Laureate Stephen Hawking’s prediction.

Stephen Hawking, recent in one of his interviews has claimed that Earth will only survive for 100 more years and will get destroyed to form some new means of life and land. Though many are predicting this to be the beginning of colonisation on Mars, it’s still not sure whether or not this prediction can be true.

About Expedition New Earth:

In Hawking’s next documentary for BBC, called Expedition New Earth, he broke this incredibly surprising yet depressing new about Earth’s death in next 100 years. Stephen HAwking’s new documentary is totally based on finding life on Mars or more precisely colonising Mars for human life. According to him, it is high time that scientists must root up to find ways to implant life on Mars because according to his prediction if Earth gets destroyed in next 100 years we really need a new planet to move to and Mars can probably be that planet. Hence, Hawking calls it as ‘Planet B’.

Stephen Hawking is so sure about his claim on Earth’s life prediction that BBC channel was convinced to release a press statement saying, ” Professor Stephen Hawking thinks the human species will have to populate a new planet within 100 years if it is to survive.” BBC’s statement continued saying, ” With climate change overdue, asteroid strikes, epidemics and population growth, our own planet is increasingly precarious.

In his earlier interview with BBC, Stephen Hawking has already claimed that excessive climate change and development of Artificial Intelligence are already diminishing the life of Planet Earth and efficiency of the human race to survive. Previously, he has likewise called for people to colonise the moon and figure out how to settle Mars – a district he alluded to as “the conspicuous next focus” in 2008, as indicated by New Scientist.

Stephen Hawking has always been straight about the predictions and claims that he had made so far. Keeping that in time, it must be right to say that it’s high time that we take care of our Planet and fasten the rate of discoveries of Space.

  • sanitychecker

    WORLD ENDS! Details at 11.

  • Big_E2020

    Did a moron pen this article? The “author” needs a lesson in English and grammar. Seriously. No credibility when your “article” is riddled with errors. HMU if you would like me to edit your writings before you embarrass yourself online.

  • eburleso

    Over population will be the death of us or maybe mother nature will just reset herself like she always does. We just need to find out what the “h” factor is to avoid annihilation.

  • wryawry

    I’m also cynical, although perhaps for slightly different reasons …

  • Sheldor

    If he had any credibility, he would be designing a next generation interplanetary space craft that we could use to travel to Mars. Instead, we’re stuck with 70 year old over-sized V2 rockets that were developed during WWII. All our technology, and nothing new in 70 years.

    Dude, you’re a physicist. A useless overrated physicist who spends all his time reading liberal social media stories. Your job is inventing new types of propulsion! Blah, blah, blah…..the sky is falling….blah, blah, blah…….

    Also, “epidemics and population growth” offset one another. That would be a net benefit for prolonged life on earth. Additionally, there is no physical evidence a meteor has ever stuck the surface of the planet. They always blow up in the atmosphere. The one that “killed all the dinosaurs”: run a model that has the moon and earth bouncing off one another 5 billion years ago resulting in 3 masses. One of which would be slightly smaller than the moon with a large unstable elliptical orbit. That could have created a big enough explosion to create the Gulf of Mexico. That should keep you busy for a while. Dork.