Animal Adventure Park(AAP) started streaming live updates of April the Giraffe. April is a 15 years old Giraffe who resides in a Zoo in New York. Animal Adventure Park has been streaming the pregnancy video of this 15 years old Giraffe since January, and the video shows the due date is quite near.

The youtube video feed of this 15 years old pregnant giraffe has already received 1 million views on the internet. AAP is continuously uploading videos of the pregnancy state of this Giraffe. Very soon the world will witness live video of Giraffe giving birth to her child.

April the giraffe has already shown significant changes which indicate that the active labour is not far away. Most notable are changes in her stomach, great activity and movement of the baby calf, changes in her udders, exhibiting a swollen vulva and producing the discharge. After this, the world will witness the precise onset of the appearance of calf hooves will be a shifting in her stomach as April’s calf gets into the birthing position. Though some are disappointed that April hasn’t given birth yet, it’s important to remember that nature has its timeframe. April is moving in the right direction, and there isn’t much more that needs to be done before active labour begins and her calf’s hooves hit the ground.

Ever since the video went life, there were several technical interruptions in the video. Despite the interruptions, viewers are still eagerly waiting to see April the giraffe give birth to her baby. Last night again the video went off, keeping the viewers anxiously to know whether April is all ready to given birth to her baby. However, the technical issues were sorted and the Animal Adventure Park reported that there is still some time before April gives birth to her baby.

The AAP informed, “Though April is experiencing many signs of early labour, the calf will need to descend into the birth canal, and her udders need to produce milk before the baby calf makes his or her grand debut. Though there are changes in April’s breasts, it is unclear if she is producing milk. Once a pregnant giraffe produces milk, a calf can be expected within two days.”

After several technical issues AAP also informed,” If the live feed goes down, the new one will resume in the playlist below. You don’t need to worry that the playlist won’t have the live giraffe cam. Only wait until the feed is restored and it will resume playing below. You can watch the live giraffe cam now and see April in her heated stall at the AAP giraffe barn.”

This finally clears out all viewers doubt of whether or not they will be able to witness April giving birth to her baby. This is the first time, that the world will witness a live footage of a giraffe giving birth to her calf.

The latest footage of Animal Adventure Park quoted, ” What a long evening! Many of you were up with us around 1:30 am EST and the following hours, and witnessed some very interesting behavior that had us on edge. Though, this morning, all has seemed to settle. We will continue to watch and monitor throughout the day. Today will bring another day of snow movement and dig out from storm Stella. We do expect to go Facebook LIVE at some point, to show you the amounts of snow and to answer questions!”