14 Apr, 2024
3 mins read

Battle between alligators and sharks, alligators are winning: Study

American alligators love to eat sharks whenever wanders in salt water. However, in Florida, these alligators can be seen strolling nearby golf courses which make the opponents of game, play carefully on grounds. Therefore, when alligators go back to the coastal water, they look for the sharks to hunt and eat, as per the recent study. […]

3 mins read

Exclusive fitness fact about African elephants discovered

No one knew that African elephants slept only for 2 hours per day unless this fun research was initiated in African. The fitness tracked down after the research on African elephants proved that these giant animals are the shortest sleeping animal in the world. The studies conducted so far have found out that they sleep […]

2 mins read

Nature-Based Recreation Exertions in Cosseted Tracts Molesting Wildlife: Study

Preservation of wildlife and natural legacy has become a sensational concern for the ecologists across the globe. While multiple endeavors are being taken for the preservation of wildlife and natural landscapes, a recently published study reports have brought up something shocking and unusual for the environmentalists. The study led by Courtney Larson from Colorado State […]