19 May, 2024
3 mins read

Battle between alligators and sharks, alligators are winning: Study

American alligators love to eat sharks whenever wanders in salt water. However, in Florida, these alligators can be seen strolling nearby golf courses which make the opponents of game, play carefully on grounds. Therefore, when alligators go back to the coastal water, they look for the sharks to hunt and eat, as per the recent study. […]

2 mins read

A Massive ‘Dead Zone’ Detected In Bay of Bengal is Likely To Shook Up Aquatic Lives

“Dead Zones”, which are usually found off the western coastal of North and South America, Namibia and off the West shoreline of India in the Arabian Sea, is recently discovered in the Bay of Bengal, spreading over thousands of kilometers. A group of Indian scientists recently have spotted the Bay of Bengal to host a […]