26 Feb, 2024
2 mins read

Israeli Astronomers Introduce Novel Moonlet Theory Which Claims Moon to be Triggered by 20 Moonlets

Moon is the only and most noticeable natural satellite of the Earth, and since millennia, we have kept on believing on this statement. But do you know, once upon a time, Earth used to have nearly two dozen moonlet, by the merge of which, the moon has built up. Well, this new revolutionary theory has […]

2 mins read

The Fastest-Running Creature Headed For Extermination; Only 7,100 Cheetahs Left

The growing intensity of population is undoubtedly hampering Earth’s ecology as well as the evolution of the organic species, and a number of previous research and survey have confirmed this. But a recently conducted study has brought up something unusual and unexpected for the ecologists. A survey held by the researchers of the International Union […]

2 mins read

Nature-Based Recreation Exertions in Cosseted Tracts Molesting Wildlife: Study

Preservation of wildlife and natural legacy has become a sensational concern for the ecologists across the globe. While multiple endeavors are being taken for the preservation of wildlife and natural landscapes, a recently published study reports have brought up something shocking and unusual for the environmentalists. The study led by Courtney Larson from Colorado State […]