05 Mar, 2024
2 mins read

World Economic Forum Partners With UCSB’s Marine Science Institute To Save Oceanic Ecosystem

Flowing over three-quarters of the earth and holding 97% of the entire planet, oceans have become the lifeline of earth. They not only emit over half of the oxygen in the atmosphere but also soak up the most carbon from the atmosphere, making us survive on the earth. However, despite all the advantageous points, oceans […]

2 mins read

The Fastest-Running Creature Headed For Extermination; Only 7,100 Cheetahs Left

The growing intensity of population is undoubtedly hampering Earth’s ecology as well as the evolution of the organic species, and a number of previous research and survey have confirmed this. But a recently conducted study has brought up something unusual and unexpected for the ecologists. A survey held by the researchers of the International Union […]