26 Feb, 2024
2 mins read

CIRVA Reports Vaquita as Earth’s Most Endangered Oceanic Mammal; Only 30 Left

The Vaquita, which is believed to be a rare mammal species of porpoise endemic is inching closer to complete extermination, warned the newly published report of International Committee for the Recovery of the Vaquita (CIRVA). Regardless of the international efforts given by ecological leaders for saving this super-rare marine mammal, only 30 have left in […]

2 mins read

World Economic Forum Partners With UCSB’s Marine Science Institute To Save Oceanic Ecosystem

Flowing over three-quarters of the earth and holding 97% of the entire planet, oceans have become the lifeline of earth. They not only emit over half of the oxygen in the atmosphere but also soak up the most carbon from the atmosphere, making us survive on the earth. However, despite all the advantageous points, oceans […]

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New Scientific Research Solved Perennial Killer Whales’ Menopause Enigma 

The human-like characteristic of Orcas – the killer whale species which enables it to stop reproduction after crossing a certain age limit is quite mysterious and since centuries, the ecologists and scientists across the world are trying to solve this mystery. However, finally a group of scientists has come up with the precise answer to […]