19 Apr, 2024
3 mins read

NASA and ESA to practice defensive plan against asteroids by 2022

Our solar system is filled with millions of asteroids of which, many are hurtling around the Earth and as classified as near-Earth object or NEO. If any giant asteroid collides with the Earth during its orbit, it will create mass destruction since a giant asteroid was responsible to wipe out all the dinosaurs millions of […]

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An asteroid just made a close approach towards the Earth; Is it possible to avoid an asteroid collision?

There are billions of asteroids in our solar system. NASA tracks those objects which are a potential threat to the Earth and are classified as Near Earth Objects (NEO). Just recently, an asteroid (named 2010 WC9) with a diameter of 60 to 130 meters zoomed past the Earth at a staggering velocity of 12.8 kilometers […]

4 mins read

Astronomers detects asteroid 2018 GE3 that made a ‘surprise’ flyby close to the Earth

On Sunday, April 15, a massive football field-sized space stone passed near the Earth at just half of the distance between the moon and the Earth. Named as 2018 GE3, the asteroid was detected on April 14 by the Catalina Sky Survey just a few hours before it could zip past near the Earth. Per […]

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Are asteroids the greatest challenge of humanity?

Paris: Earth has been hit by space rocks a number of times that have resulted in many things right from innocuous splash in the waters to the annihilation of the species. Nobody on the planet Earth can predict when there will be the next big impact.  However, the pressure is regarding the prediction and the […]

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Israeli Astronomers Introduce Novel Moonlet Theory Which Claims Moon to be Triggered by 20 Moonlets

Moon is the only and most noticeable natural satellite of the Earth, and since millennia, we have kept on believing on this statement. But do you know, once upon a time, Earth used to have nearly two dozen moonlet, by the merge of which, the moon has built up. Well, this new revolutionary theory has […]

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Asteroid ‘2017 AG13’ Gave Earth a ‘Semi-Close Shear’

It was about to crash into the earth, and fortunately, we survived! A previously detected Asteroid, which holds a supermassive mass, recently had a close encounter with Earth. The supermassive Space rock, which is almost half of a large Boston building, gave the earth the closest miss, two days after its discovery. On Monday morning, […]