Are asteroids the greatest  challenge of humanity?
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Are asteroids the greatest challenge of humanity?

Paris: Earth has been hit by space rocks a number of times that have resulted in many things right from innocuous splash in the waters to the annihilation of the species. Nobody on the planet Earth can predict when there will be the next big impact.  However, the pressure is regarding the prediction and the interception on its arrival.


Rolf Densing who is the head of the  European Space Operations Centre ( ESOC) in Darmstadt, Germany reported AFP  prior to the International Asteroid Day on Friday  “  Sooner or later we shall be getting a major or minor impact”.  It is highly unpredictable regarding its occurrence in this or any other lifetime as stated by him, however, the risk that the planet Earth be hit in an event that would be devastating by character some day is very high in probability.

As for now, there is very, little that can be done.

Are asteroids the greatest challenge of humanity?Are asteroids the greatest challenge of humanity?

The first ever mission for the crashing of a probe into the smaller rock of the space to change the trajectory of the celestial body had suffered a huge setback when the ministers ofEurope declined to fund a part pf the project in the month of December.

“  We are not fully ready to provide a defense to us from the celestial object that is Earthbound. We also happen to have active planetary measures for defense.” as said by Desning.

Hitherto also related to the various realms of the science tactics, fiction could including the use of the nuke on an incoming asteroid,  or making the use of the lasers in order to vaporise it, by  sending a tractor meant for the space in order to drag it from its course or using the tactis of bumping it on a new direction.