05 Mar, 2024
2 mins read

Biology Wonder: 245 Million-Year-Old Marine Reptile Gave Birth to Young Ones Instead Of Laying Eggs

Archosauromorph – a particular type of reptile species – whose natural reproductive manner was earlier believed to lay eggs, now is on the verge of being proved as self-indulgent, thanks to the fossil of the 245 Million years old aquatic reptile. As we all know most of the mammal species including some lizards and snakes […]

2 mins read

Virgin Birth: Female Zebra Shark Spotted Altering From Sexual To Androgynous Reproduction

An Australian female shark has stunned scientists by reproducing babies without having any sexual intercourse with its male partner. For the first time, scientists have stumbled upon female zebra shark, changing its nature from sexual to androgynous reproduction. The female shark, after being kept apart from the male partner for three years, delivered three offspring. […]