11 Dec, 2023
4 mins read

CRISPR-Cas9 could have the potential to combat global coral bleaching events

Extensive studies have confirmed that the Great Barrier Reef in Australia has lost over 50% of its corals. In fact, due to constantly occurring global coral bleaching events since the 1980s which trigger two of the events in 2016 and 2017 each has resulted in the loss of over 27% of the world’s coral reefs […]

2 mins read

Scientists Soon to Edit People’s DNA for Preventing Genetic Diseases

In a scientific and technological breakthrough, scientists have come up with a proposal of editing human’s genetic system for avoiding incurable heritable diseases. In this era, when people are expecting to get personalized babies anytime soon, the new experimental accomplishment has emerged as a wonder for the world. The study, mutually conducted by the researchers […]

2 mins read

Scientists to Restore the Yum in ‘Tomato’ By Tinkering With Its Genetic Formula

Over the past couple of decades, the commercially cultivated grocery tomatoes have lacked all most all of their flavors. If you take a bite of the tomatoes sold in supermarkets, you may sense like something is missing. While general people think it to be a common incident, but researchers have come up with a new […]

1 min read

Antibiotics can provide a favorable atmosphere for bacteria instead of killing them

A new study in the medical science left the doctors and scientists in a shock stage when they realized that antibiotics can lead to the growth of the bacteria instead of killing or preventing our body. Scientists also stated that antibiotics can even help the bacteria to reproduce, which makes the bacteria stronger and more […]

2 mins read

Scientists Engineered “Semi-Synthetic” Bacteria with Six-Letter Genetic Code 

In a medical breakthrough, a group of scientists successfully engineered new semi-synthetic bacteria that can pave revolutionary pathways for new life formation. By tinkering with genetic material, the scientists have succeeded in developing a new type of life with moderately synthetic DNA. The “Semi-Synthetic” Bacteria having Six-Letter Genetic Code is capable of forming and functioning […]