14 Jul, 2024
3 mins read

Bacterial community found in one of the hostile regions of Earth raises hopes of life on Mars

Exploring Mars and colonizing it has become the most important mission of many space agencies. Many scientists are searching for life on Mars and they want to know whether the Red Planet is habitable or not. Now, a recent study has revealed that bacteria can survive in one of the most hostile places on Earth. […]

2 mins read

Astronauts identify unknown Alien microbes on International Space Station for first time ever

After doing rigorous experiments in the International Space Station, the astronauts have finally identified the microbes in space. This is for the first time that ISS astronauts have confirmed the existence of microbes in the space station itself without the need of returning the samples back to earth for tests. As the microbes were successfully […]

2 mins read

Magnets and Nano-Bits of Iron Soon to Filter out Deadly Germs from Blood and Prevent ‘Sepsis’

Sepsis – a life-threatening infection attributable to the overreaction of the immune system to an infection can soon be prevented easily, thanks to the new revolutionary breakthrough of the microbiologists at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. The microbiologists have detected a new method of using Magnets and small particles of Iron to filter out […]

1 min read

Antibiotics can provide a favorable atmosphere for bacteria instead of killing them

A new study in the medical science left the doctors and scientists in a shock stage when they realized that antibiotics can lead to the growth of the bacteria instead of killing or preventing our body. Scientists also stated that antibiotics can even help the bacteria to reproduce, which makes the bacteria stronger and more […]

2 mins read

Scientists Engineered “Semi-Synthetic” Bacteria with Six-Letter Genetic Code 

In a medical breakthrough, a group of scientists successfully engineered new semi-synthetic bacteria that can pave revolutionary pathways for new life formation. By tinkering with genetic material, the scientists have succeeded in developing a new type of life with moderately synthetic DNA. The “Semi-Synthetic” Bacteria having Six-Letter Genetic Code is capable of forming and functioning […]