Antibiotics can provide a favorable atmosphere for bacteria instead of killing them
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Antibiotics can provide a favorable atmosphere for bacteria instead of killing them

A new study in the medical science left the doctors and scientists in a shock stage when they realized that antibiotics can lead to the growth of the bacteria instead of killing or preventing our body. Scientists also stated that antibiotics can even help the bacteria to reproduce, which makes the bacteria stronger and more resistant to antibiotics.

As per the above study, taking antibiotics can be a serious threat to our health. Instead of curing our pain, it will increase our pains.  In an experiment, Bacteria E.coli was exposed to antibiotics for eight rounds in four days. The scientists predicted that after fighting for four days, the bacteria will die but the results were shocking for everyone.

Instead of dying, they started to reproduce themselves. It explained that the bacteria have now got features which are highly resistant to antibiotics. Again antibiotics provided them a favorable atmosphere to reproduce. In other words, we can say instead of killing the bacteria, the antibiotic helped the bacteria to grow.  This result was kept on focus and continuous research started over this.

Then the researchers exposed E.coli to the antibiotic doxycycline. When the bacteria were repeatedly exposed to the antibiotic, it converted itself into a mutant with higher resistant properties towards antibiotics. The bacteria also switched to an organism, which is highly prone to spread through blood instead of staying on the surface of the Biofilm.

After the experiment, it was noticed that the bacteria have got the ability to change their DNA structure as per the surrounding and when they are exposed to antibiotics they change their DNA structure, which makes the antibiotics helpless. The only solution to this problem is to use right antibiotics having the proper composition to destroy the properties of the bacteria.