Donald Trump Delegates’ Outlook on Climate Change: “Neither a Hoax nor a Major Concern”
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Donald Trump Delegates’ Outlook on Climate Change: “Neither a Hoax nor a Major Concern”

The president of America – Donald Trump with his climate change denial statement once took the entire world by storm. However, now some delegates of Trump hints regarding the changes in the scenario. While Trump previously uttered climate change to be a mere hoax, the security appointees of him now confirmed it to be not a hoax. But they also cleared that, it is not a big deal either.

As the world found the national security appointees of President-elect Donald Trump to ask for Senate authorization this week, it hints towards the modification of the pattern and seems a new pattern to be emerging in how the authorities of Donald Trump used to see climate change. Some of the delegates of Trump also put some light on the impact of abnormal changes in global climate and problems associated with it, and of course, the unmistakable trend warming over the years.

In the permission seeking board, the delegates of Donald Trump appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee corroboration hearing held on 12th January 2016. According to the appointees, “We are not making any straight denial on the climate change front. It might not be a hoax, but it doesn’t seem to be a great deal either. What we are going through currently; is a simple propensity to either pass up full rendezvous with the climate change issues or to play it down.

The process started with the hearing of Rex Tillerson on Wednesday. The former head of Exxon Mobil is well-versed with the deep concerns regarding the climate change, and as secretary of state, he is expected to head up the U.S. international negotiations on global warming under the Paris climate change protocol. It means, the possibilities about the US will continue to take part in the Paris Protocol can’t be denied completely yet. However, Tillerson has left the subject in a pretty wooly state.

However, giving less importance to the issues of climate change, Tillerson, in his testimony said, “I don’t found climate change or global warming to be a national threat. It is do affecting the world, but the impacts can be minimized and hence no need to make it so hype.”