04 Mar, 2024
2 mins read

2, 344 Californian Professors Sign ‘Open Letter’ to Trump, Urging Not To Pull Leg from Paris Climate Protocol 

Donald Trump’s administration is nothing less than a catastrophic segment for United State as well as for the world.  Trump’s statement regarding climate change and his pledge to pull the leg of United State from Paris climate change pacts has become a headache for many. However, after realizing the seriousness of both climate change and […]

2 mins read

India to Upgrade Its 8-Point Climate Change Proposal To 11-Point for Addressing Climate Goals

In order to fight with the harsher impacts of climate change and addressing the climate change goals, Indian Government is planning to upgrade its 8-point climate change plan to 11-point soon. According to the press release, made by the officials of Environment Ministry of India, the proposed eight-point plan of India to combat climate change […]

2 mins read

Donald Trump Delegates’ Outlook on Climate Change: “Neither a Hoax nor a Major Concern”

The president of America – Donald Trump with his climate change denial statement once took the entire world by storm. However, now some delegates of Trump hints regarding the changes in the scenario. While Trump previously uttered climate change to be a mere hoax, the security appointees of him now confirmed it to be not […]