2, 344 Californian Professors Sign ‘Open Letter’ to Trump, Urging Not To Pull Leg from Paris Climate Protocol 
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2, 344 Californian Professors Sign ‘Open Letter’ to Trump, Urging Not To Pull Leg from Paris Climate Protocol 

Donald Trump’s administration is nothing less than a catastrophic segment for United State as well as for the world.  Trump’s statement regarding climate change and his pledge to pull the leg of United State from Paris climate change pacts has become a headache for many. However, after realizing the seriousness of both climate change and Trump’s antagonistic conduct towards it, thousands of Californian scientists have submitted their Open letter to President of US, urging him not to shove off United State from Paris accords on climate change.

Trump’s announcement, describing climate change as a mere ‘hoax’, spread by China, has raised millions of eyebrows across the world. And it is no surprise to hear something like this from the newly elected president of US, as he already had alarmed the nation to flag down climate change initiatives during his campaign period and pull the country back from the Paris accord endorsed by 200 countries.

However, yet-to-be-confirmed hypothesis regarding Trump’s conviction towards climate change saw the reality mirror, when Myron Ebell, the head of U.S. President Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said that “The United States will change route on climate change and take its leg back from a global pact to cut greenhouse gas emissions.”

Now, more than 2,300 professors from the University of California and California State University campuses have signed an “Open Letter” to the new president of US – Donald Trump, requesting him not to bring the United States out of the Paris deal on climate change. In the letter, 2, 344 Californian Professors also urged Trump to go on with the Paris accord and support initiatives on capping climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Open Letter, drafted by Aaron Parsons, an associate professor of astronomy at the University of California, Berkeley highlights the appeal of professors to Trump for accepting the climate change theory as a reality and continue to support new initiatives for cutting down the rate of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to this, the intellectuals also wrote, “Despite confusing representations, scientific and academic communities across the world have already authenticated the human-caused climate change to be real, with harsh consequences that are already having effects on the world.