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Jesus Christ is an extraterrestrial being from Venus, claims a spiritual society “The Aetherius”

Jesus Christ is an extraterrestrial being from Venus, claims a spiritual society "The Aetherius"

Do you know Jesus Christ was from Venus? Well, at least there is a group of spiritual society which believes that Jesus was an extraterrestrial being born and brought on Venus and thus, he bestowed his blessings when stepping on the Earth. As per “The Aetherius”, a growing religion that was established in the late 1920s which supposedly have a global following state that Jesus was an alien from Venus, Earth’s neighbor. The Daily Star reported the matter with basically all the claims that the members of this society believe.

As per the report, the spiritual society Aetherius is planning to go on a cosmic mission to the of the holy mountains at the Holdstone Down in North Devon which is the place where George King, the founder of the spiritual society and a new religion came face to face with Jesus Christ in 1958. It has been two decades after George died in 1997, however, the society is still growing and blooming with supporters and followers.

The cosmic mission named as ‘Operation Prayer Power’ will soon commence on July 28, Saturday, when the members will follow the trail to the holy mountain with prayers and mantras chanted and directed into a physical container specially made to invoke spiritual powers. The container will be released in later stage probably at the holy mountain.

According to a documentary made on George King, the founder of Aetherius, he came face to face with the Jesus in 1958. He claimed that he saw a structure through the corner of his eye and suddenly, a being wearing a white robe and with a tall height with radiance around him approach in front of him from nowhere. He stated that although the being didn’t say anything, he understood that it was none other than Jesus Christ who supposedly communicated with him through telepathy when Jesus told him that he[Jesus] was from Venus. Soon, George heard the voice saying that he was chosen as the earthling and representative of the people on Earth as he was chosen to become the member of an interplanetary parliament.

George attributed the mountains as holy. It has been more than two decades after he died back in 1997, the pilgrimage to the said spot in Devon is still continued. As per the group’s website, there several other holy mountains apart from Holdstone Down in Devon where George saw Jesus such as a Yes Tor which is located in Devon near Okehampton. Other holy mountains are Mount Ramshead in New South Wales, Australia; Le Nid d’Aigle in France; Castle Peak in Rocky Mountains, Colorado; and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania which are few of them.

The spiritual group claims themselves to follow teachings and philosophy from highly advanced intelligence [beings] from Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars. The spiritual group believes in ideas from various other religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism as well as yoga, UGO, and other matters.

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