27 Feb, 2024
4 mins read

Watch stunning NASA image of huge ash erupting from Kilauea volcano in Hawaii

Scientists at the US space agency NASA have shared another stunning image of ash erupting from the Kilauea volcano on the Island of Hawaii. As per the reports, the volcano is erupting a large amount of lava in the East Riff which has also lead to high levels of sulfur dioxide in the region forcing people to evacuate […]

2 mins read

Mexico’s Colima volcano erupts again with miles high ash and smoke

The Volcán de Colima or Colima volcano, which is said to be one of the most active volcanos in Mexico and in North America, on Monday threw out a discourse of smoldering and ash around one mile high. The Colima volcano, which since long has been expected to blast off, finally exploded on Monday, erupting […]