05 Mar, 2024
2 mins read

Astronomers reveal the largest ever survey of 50 galaxies in ultraviolet light

Researchers have published the largest ever survey of stars and galaxies in ultraviolet light depicting our local universe. The survey contributes over 50 active galaxies in high definition snapped by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. Touted as LEGUS or Legacy ExtraGalactic UV Survey, the project captures more than 8,000-star clusters and 39 million hot blue stars […]

3 mins read

Hubble space telescope celebrates its 28th anniversary with magnificent imagery of Lagoon Nebula

To commemorate its 28th anniversary, Hubble Space Telescope has sent a magnificent image of a gorgeous nebula located in the distant cosmos to mark its anniversary which has been a custom celebrated every April. Hubble Space Telescope, the largest ever space telescope stationed in the Earth’s orbit as of now was launched on April 24, […]

2 mins read

Amateur astronomer points his camera towards sky and accidentally captures Supernova

An amateur astronomer has got hold of the first burst of the exploding supernova. Getting the initial bright light of the newly born supernova is considered to be very rare and the chances of such discovery are 1 in every 10 million supernovae. But, this lucky amateur astronomer from Argentina successfully managed to see the […]

5 mins read

5000-year-old rock unearthed in India is the oldest evidence of Supernova in human history

The oldest noted description of the celestial event, a supernova was found in a rock art found in the state of Kashmir in India. This particular rock carving found near the Burzahama area dates back to 5000 years with pictures that show two brightly lit objects present in the sky with two hunters trying to […]

2 mins read

Scientists Spot Supernova 160-Million-Light-Years Away From Earth, Holds Clues to Death Throes of a Massive Star

In a celestial breakthrough, a team of Californian researchers have discovered an incredibly dazzling supernova, located some hundred million light-years away from the earth. Astronomers, during a research project, have captured the premature death throes of a gigantic star that was worn out in a terrible extraterrestrial explosion in a galaxy far from Earth. On […]