27 Feb, 2024
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43,000 Light-Years-Long Bridge Hitch on Two Largest Satellite Galaxies of Milky Way

The Magellanic Clouds – two irregular dwarf and largest galaxies of Earth’s local galaxy Milky Way are hooked up by 43,000 light years long bridge, reported the new study conducted by a group of scientists from the University Of Cambridge, England. The discovery of the celestial bridge sandwiched between two largest galaxies of Milky Way […]

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Japanese Researchers Detect New Way to Distinguish “Quiet Black Hole” Lurking in Milky Way

While researching on a molecular cloud with inscrutable motion, a team of Chinese researchers has stumbled on the presence of drift black hole lurking in earth’s local galaxy – Milky Way. Most black holes can easily be noticed due to the gas circling them. If a black hole existed close to a star, then it […]

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A Supermassive Extragalactic Void Called “Dipole Repeller” Is Thrusting Milky Way

Our local galaxy – the Milky Way is not only being pulled but also being driven by a supermassive Extragalactic Void called “Dipole Repeller”, informed a team of astronomers in their new journal. The research, led by the scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, highlighted that a vast void, located outside of our extragalactic […]

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Hubble Space Telescope beams back breathtaking image of Cosmic Megamaser

Hubble Space Telescope, which is the joint space venture of NASA and ESA has adieu 2016 by beaming back some stunning images of Cosmic Megamaser to the earth. The spacecraft which was launched into the lower orbit of earth 1990 has transmitted millions of breathtaking snaps of different space phenomenon previously. But this time, the […]

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Australian Astrophysicists About To Solve ‘Killing Galaxies’ Enigma; Slaughterer Is ‘Dark Matter Halos’

A team of astrophysicists from Australia is about to crack the time-honored mystery of “Killing Galaxies”. In a celestial breakthrough, the researchers have moved a step nearer to solve the colossal murder secrecy on Tuesday when they analyzed the effects of dark matter in thousands of galaxies. During the experiment, the Australian astrophysicists studied the […]

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NASA Hubble Space Telescope Detects a New Spiral Galaxy, Can Solve Several Mysteries

NASA Hubble Space Telescope, which was employed in 1990 for studying the hidden factors of the mysterious extraterrestrial realm, has marked the discovery of a new coiled galaxy that can lead astronomers towards the complete exploration of space puzzles.  The telescope recently beamed back a cluster of spectacular images, which can help scientists to solve […]

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NASA successfully develops first of its kind “Cosmic Particle Accelerator”

The astronomers of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), during a ground-breaking breakthrough, have successfully developed stunning Cosmic Particle Accelerator. By merging the telescopic images of supermassive black holes with the colliding galaxy clusters, the scientists of NASA have formulated first-of-its-kind Cosmic Particle Accelerator. The images of the colliding galaxy clusters called Abell 3411 […]

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NASA set out two new missions ‘Lucy and Psyche’ to study history of Solar System

The US-based space agency NASA has set out two new space missions for studying the golden era of the solar system which is yet to be fully discovered. As per the announcement by NASA on Wednesday, the agency has started working on two unnamed solar missions which are intended to explore the hidden secrets of […]

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Radio Signal mystery continues as scientist again receive denser FRBs close to Milky Way

It is less than one year, to the detection of mysterious and strong radio signals near out Galaxy – Milky Ways. The event was noted in March 2016, when scientists found strong radio waves coming from some unknown point in the space towards the earth. While the to-be-one-year mystery is still unanswered, scientists once again […]