14 Apr, 2024
2 mins read

NASA Hubble Space Telescope Marks Discovery of New White Dwarf Planet with “Components of Life”

Scientists, with the help of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, have stumbled upon a new White Dwarf Planet, located nearly 200 light years from the Earth. Found in the constellation Bootes, the White Dwarf Planet’s atmosphere is rich in “Ingredients of Life.” The discovery of the new exoplanet is expected to hold clues to extraterrestrial life […]

2 mins read

Hubble Space Telescope beams back breathtaking image of Cosmic Megamaser

Hubble Space Telescope, which is the joint space venture of NASA and ESA has adieu 2016 by beaming back some stunning images of Cosmic Megamaser to the earth. The spacecraft which was launched into the lower orbit of earth 1990 has transmitted millions of breathtaking snaps of different space phenomenon previously. But this time, the […]