29 Nov, 2023
3 mins read

Dark energy could be the key to multiverse and existence of alien life

Two related research papers published by a group of scientists at the Durham University has questioned the mysterious dark energy and the potential existence of alien life in other universes or multiverse. Earlier theories have claimed that our universe has a perfect amount of dark energy i.e. mysterious form of force. The dark energy is […]

2 mins read

Researchers have moved one step closer in figuring out the mysterious antimatter

What formed our Universe is still a mystery. Many scientists suggest that, after the Big Bang, equal number of matter and antimatter were formed and the energy released from then gave rise to our Universe. But, another group of scientist are of the notion that, during the Big Bang more number of matter were released […]

2 mins read

NASA set out two new missions ‘Lucy and Psyche’ to study history of Solar System

The US-based space agency NASA has set out two new space missions for studying the golden era of the solar system which is yet to be fully discovered. As per the announcement by NASA on Wednesday, the agency has started working on two unnamed solar missions which are intended to explore the hidden secrets of […]