Dark energy could be the key to multiverse and existence of alien life
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Dark energy could be the key to multiverse and existence of alien life

Two related research papers published by a group of scientists at the Durham University has questioned the mysterious dark energy and the potential existence of alien life in other universes or multiverse. Earlier theories have claimed that our universe has a perfect amount of dark energy i.e. mysterious form of force. The dark energy is present in a perfect amount which counteracts the gravity and has resulted in the accelerated expansion of our universe. The theories also believe that the universe with a greater amount of dark energy may not be able to form planets and stars, however, recent findings have found contradictory results.

According to the latest study conducted by a team of researchers at Durham University, planets and stars would have formed even if the universe contained 100 times more dark energy than our own universe. This also raises questions about the existence of alien life in other universes. Researchers conducted computer simulations in order to study the findings which suggested that other universes if it exists, may harbor life irrespective of the amount of dark energy and also host planets and stars. But why do we have a small amount of dark energy in our universe?

Richard Bower of Durham University stated that it would need a new law of physics that could explain the strange property of our universe since the multiverse theory has very little to do with explaining the cause. Researchers conducted their study on Evolution and Assembly of Galaxies and their Environments (EAGLE) which is the best mapping program about the known universe. Further, it is now believed that we know just the tip of what is dark energy and how it functions, etc.

Per an existing theory, our universe was created after a brief burst which resulted in the expansion of the cosmos at a rapid pace wherein some regions would expand indefinitely and infinitely. The expansion has been associated with the emergence of multiverses or an endless supply of universes. This also raises the stake of the likelihood of Earthlike planets, societies and even individuals that resemble humans. Earlier, it was believed that the energy must be present in a specific quantity to sustain life, however, with the latest findings, it seems that the theory wasn’t true entirely.

Both scientists and enthusiasts have been looking for intelligent alien life and even Trump administration continues to fund specific programs to find alien life even after cutting NASA’s budget to a great extent. So, the report states that although there may be alien life in other universes, it is comforting that these beings are outside of our universe and the probability of our universe expanding into the multiverse is low. The research also proves that if alien life exists, after all, humans would find it at some point in the future.