04 Mar, 2024
2 mins read

Astronomers discover largest superclusters of galaxies next to Milky Way

The Milky Way – which houses our solar system was previously believed to be alone. But now, a new discovery has come to forefront raising some serious questions on this long-established belief. A group of international astronomers recently have discovered the largest superclusters of galaxies close to the Milky Way, a finding which can lead […]

2 mins read

Boyajian’s Star Befogging Its Brightness; Mystery Is Still Unanswered By Astronomers

The best example of advanced alien life can not be explained much better than the mysterious Boyajian’s star, “KIC 8462852”, revealed the recently conducted study which was monitoring the star since last 15 months. The study indicated that the astronomers and scientists have to work harder and in more creative ways to solve the mystery […]

2 mins read

Erik Verlinde’s Alternative to Albert Einstein’s Gravity Theory Qualifies First Major Test

Dutch Theoretical Physicist, Erik Verlinde’s alternative theory to Albert Einstein’s Theory of Gravity has successfully qualified the first test round over this weekend. In as study of more than 3000 galaxies, the new Theory of Gravity has successfully passed its first major test round. The research team led by Margot Brouwer from Leiden Observatory in […]