Boyajian’s Star Befogging Its Brightness; Mystery Is Still Unanswered By Astronomers
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Boyajian’s Star Befogging Its Brightness; Mystery Is Still Unanswered By Astronomers

The best example of advanced alien life can not be explained much better than the mysterious Boyajian’s star, “KIC 8462852”, revealed the recently conducted study which was monitoring the star since last 15 months. The study indicated that the astronomers and scientists have to work harder and in more creative ways to solve the mystery of Boyajian’s star.

The study conducted by the researchers of Yale University revealed a number of mystifying facts about the KIC 8462852 star which has doubled the intensification of the anonymity of it. In the research of 15 months, the lead researcher Tabetha Boyajian and her colleagues from Yale University found the star KIC 8462852 to be radically dimmed numerous times over the past seven years. Amid this time, the star was once also dimmed around 22 percent than its usual brightness which has baffled the scientists even more.

In September 2015, the researcher group for the first time reported the puzzling activities of the KIC 8462852 and said it to reducing its brightness in the interval of some days or months. Researcher, through the planet-hunting Kepler space telescope implemented by NASA, detected these diffusing events. The Kepler spacecraft, which is employed by NASA to monitor and observe more than 100,000 stars simultaneously over the timescales of multiple years, has spotted this altering behavior of the Boyajian’s star.

The KIC 8462852, which previously thought to have alien lives, now has created more ambiguity because of its dimming activities. As the events of dimming of “Boyajian’s star” can also be caused by an orbiting planet, the astronomers now have started thinking of other alternative reasons behind this.

Researchers, to solve this mysterious dimming event, have come up with multiple potentialities like a group of broken-apart comet rubbish, inconsistency in the movement of the star itself, some particular type of cloud in the interstellar middling between Kepler and Boyajian’s star, and, of course, an orbiting “megastructure” formulated by an alien civilization to collect the stellar power.

However, till now, the astronomers haven’t yet reached at any precise conclusion about the unusual behavior of the star. Astronomers, during the research also examined 500 more stars in positioned in the locality of KIC 8462852, and found all of them to be normal. And hence the search for a solid and single naturalistic explanation for the dimming event of Boyajian’s star is still subjective to further research.