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Erik Verlinde’s Alternative to Albert Einstein’s Gravity Theory Qualifies First Major Test

Erik Verlinde’s Alternative to Albert Einstein’s Gravity Theory Qualifies First Major Test

Dutch Theoretical Physicist, Erik Verlinde’s alternative theory to Albert Einstein’s Theory of Gravity has successfully qualified the first test round over this weekend. In as study of more than 3000 galaxies, the new Theory of Gravity has successfully passed its first major test round. The research team led by Margot Brouwer from Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands for the first time thoroughly observed and practically implemented the new Gravity Theory on more than 3000 galaxies and the result was really optimistic.

Margot Brouwer and her associates tested new gravity theory of the Dutch physicist Erik Verlinde from the University of Amsterdam. To put Verlinde’s prediction on Gravity to the analysis, Brouwer and her team took the distribution of gravity around more than 33,000 galaxies and concluded that Verlinde’s theory is well compatible with the deliberate gravity distribution.

Back in 2010, Verlinde, for the first time introduced his contradict view on Albert Einstein’s Theory of Gravity. Verlinde also published a journal based on his theory in 2010, in which he, for the first time introduced his concept and idea on Gravity and undoubtedly, taken aback the globe. In his theory, Verlinde described Gravity as an entropic force and argued it to be a result of the “information associated with the positions of material bodies”.

As per the Theory of Gravity prescribed by Verlinde, “While general relativity describes solid source of gravity such as the sun will twist the texture of space, turn light from a remote object, and amplify it to an eyewitness, massive objects like cosmic systems and galaxy clusters make gravitational focal points that are hypothetically strong. General relativity, moreover can’t completely clarify the twisting movements of cosmic systems and their stars.” The paper of Verlinde published in the Journal of High Energy Physics back in April 2011 caught many eyeballs and drew mixed responses from the global scientific community.

And to validate the accurateness of the theory, last week, a team of physicists led by astronomer Margot Brouwer conducted the first major analysis. The new test concluded Verlinde’s theory to exactly justifying the well-built gravitational lenses formed by gigantic objects like galaxy clusters. Earlier, Einstein’s theory of gravity failed to explain this phenomenon completely.

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