12 Dec, 2023
3 mins read

NASA’s new creation- “Coolest spot on Universe”

What is NASA’s next take on the Universe and Gravity? According to the recent reports, NASA is trying to create the Coolest spot on Universe. Scientists have the opinion that this might help them to find more about gravity and origination of Earth. NASa’s new take on creating Coolest spot on Universe is to find […]

2 mins read

Erik Verlinde’s Alternative to Albert Einstein’s Gravity Theory Qualifies First Major Test

Dutch Theoretical Physicist, Erik Verlinde’s alternative theory to Albert Einstein’s Theory of Gravity has successfully qualified the first test round over this weekend. In as study of more than 3000 galaxies, the new Theory of Gravity has successfully passed its first major test round. The research team led by Margot Brouwer from Leiden Observatory in […]

2 mins read

India to House Fifth LIGO Centre to study Gravitational Waves

India is soon going to be the fifth privileged country to house Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) Centre for studying Gravitational waves. The establishment of Observatory & Research Centre in India will be world’s fifth most state-of-the-art center for researching more on gravitational rays. As announced by the scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology’s […]