21 Jul, 2024
2 mins read

New sun-like star is a Rosetta Stone for studying stellar dynamos, say scientists

A new giant star has been found by the scientists and this star is believed to be a look-alike of our own Sun. According to the scientists, the newly discovered sun-like star will serve as a Rosetta stone for understanding the solar dynamo. The solar dynamo is driven by the solar cycle. Usually, the solar […]

2 mins read

The number of exoplanets will increase soon: Scientists inform

By using more powerful equipment, the scientists have abled to discover many exoplanets. With this, the space discovery is now increasing rapidly and expanding more and more. This breakthrough has given by the Kepler Space Telescope which gives all the possibility to discover hundreds of billions of exoplanets. It was introduced in this field in […]

2 mins read

NASA Team Publishes Profile of “219 Aspirant Planets” Discovered By Kepler Space Telescope

NASA’s iconic Kepler Space Telescope, which has been there in an Earth-trailing heliocentric orbit since March 7, 2009, and keeping an eye on the celestial activities for discovering the potential Earth-sized planets, has successfully managed to track down “219 Aspirant Planets” and a team of astronomers from NASA has detailed about the potentiality of those […]