14 Apr, 2024
2 mins read

Scientists Classified 50th Ghost Shark Species with an Idiosyncratic Bucktooth in Atlantic and Indian Oceans

A brand new species of extremely rare ghost shark has just added to the existing list of known ghost sharks. With a distinctive ‘Bucktooth,’ the 50th species of ghost sharks was spotted in Atlantic and Indian Oceans. In the 31st January edition of the journal Zootaxa, scientists have announced the discovery of this brand new […]

2 mins read

Marine Wonder: Rarely Seen Ghost Shark Caught On Camera

Like described in Greek Mythology, a rarely seen Ghost Shark recently caught on camera is giving some major goals about the unknown and interesting facts about marine life. A Ghost Shark or pointy-nosed blue chimaeras, for the first time was captured on cameras alive off the coasts of Hawaii and California. Like its Greek Mythological […]