05 Mar, 2024
2 mins read

Researchers shocked by the discovery of hidden Giant Pacific Octopus species in Alaska

A recent study conducted revealed few facts about the giant Pacific octopus. Nathan Hollenbeck, an undergraduate student at Alaska Pacific University carried out the research which shows that the giant Pacific octopus is actually two separate species which is morphologically different. Around 18,000 new marine species were detected by the scientists in the year 2016. […]

2 mins read

A new species of Giant Pacific octopus discovered by scientists

According to a new study the giant Pacific octopus which is considered as the most significant species of the octopus that has two separate breeds. This information depicts that how little information our researchers have about the giant octopus. This species is one the unique marine creature that will leave you amazed. They are the […]

1 min read

Volcano erupts in Alaska spewing ash 30000ft high into the atmosphere

One of the active volcanic islands of Alaska belonging to the Aleutian island chain erupted on Wednesday and has been spewing ash into the atmosphere for almost as high as 30000 ft. Bogoslav Island, the island chain located off the coast of mainland Alaska into the berring sea, has the popularity of  being one of […]