04 Mar, 2024
2 mins read

Americans belief in climate change due to global warming

  Americans have a belief that climatic changes due to global warming are real.70% of the population in the United States believe in global warming and they say that it is happening. A small percentage of the population, around 53% of them believe that humans are a cause of global warming. However, according to a […]

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2017: already marked as the highest temperature recorded year

As global warming is rising, every year temperature is rising too high extremes. Today, our world stands in a place where controlling temperature has become a big deal to cope with. Climate experts have noted that this year too, temperature and climate change is happening continuously. Artic heat waves are rising the temperature of the […]

3 mins read

Scientists presume increasing global warming can cause mammals dwarfing

So far, a lot has been said and written about the growing effect of global warming. Some scientists even declared that if global warming keeps on increasing at this alarming rate then by 2050, there won’t be any Earth to live in. Recent studies on the effect of global warming confirm that global warming can […]

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Trump’s involvement in climate change report

The USA is quite shaken up by the unwanted climatic change that is occurring nowadays. Every day headline of USA time news has shifted their focus on climate change in the USA. However, after noticing President Donald Trump’s leaning involvement in UCSD reports, the officials are worried that Trump may soon involve his rules into climate changes. Hence, […]

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Scott Pruitt’s new take on global warming made citizens angry

Environmental Protection Agency chief, Scott Pruitt, in an interview with the media house said that carbon dioxide is not the primary cause global warming, hearing which citizen rose to anger. Scott Pruitt is an environmentalist and strongly disagrees the fact that carbon dioxide is alone blamed for global warming. According to Scott Pruitt, not carbon […]

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Europe under serious climate change impacts

According to recent polls, Donal Trump has initiated to charge penalties on citizens who are not supporting the Paris climate deal. Europe is already under a serious climate change impact. What’s next? A large number of citizens from four major European nations are on a thought that climate change impacts like severe flood, global warming […]

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Antarctica hits new heat temperature, around 64 degrees F

Recently according to some researches done by Argentina’s scientists, it was found that Antarctica suddenly recorded highest heat temperature in decades. The temperature rose to almost 17.5 degree Celsius which is too much for the icy cold ice-bergs of Antarctica to bear. These reports were published by U.N. weather agency on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017. […]

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Climate Change Is 170 Times More Attributable To Human Activities than Nature: Study

Climate change, constantly affecting ecology, civilization, and nature, has ended up being the most dangerous predicament facing the current society. However, instead of nature, human activities and human interference are the primary factors which are pushing the harshness and intensity of climate change forward, suggested a new Australian study. The research, conducted by the researchers […]