Climate Change Is 170 Times More Attributable To Human Activities than Nature: Study
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Climate Change Is 170 Times More Attributable To Human Activities than Nature: Study

Climate change, constantly affecting ecology, civilization, and nature, has ended up being the most dangerous predicament facing the current society. However, instead of nature, human activities and human interference are the primary factors which are pushing the harshness and intensity of climate change forward, suggested a new Australian study. The research, conducted by the researchers from The Australian National University (ANU) has suggested that in contrast to nature, climate change is 170 times more attributable to human activities.

In simple words, the non-eco-friendly activities of human are the primary cause behind the reinforcement of climate change across the globe. The pressures created by people are resulting in the climatic patterns to abnormally alter 170 times speedier than of the natural forces. This is the first-of-its-kind research, which is based on a mathematical equation and ecological experiments. The Australian researchers, to describe the blow of human activities on Earth took the help of a mathematical equation, called ‘Anthropocene equation’.

According to the analysts at The Australian National University (ANU), human forces are impacting more fiercely on the changing patterns of climate and forcing the climate change to move 170 times faster than the force of nature. For concluding a precise aftermath, the researchers took the Earth’s ecological structure as a ‘single multifaceted system’ and reviewed the impact of human activities on the trajectory of Earth.

According to Will Steffen, the lead author of the research from ANU, “Over the past 7,000 years, the primary forces caused by human activities are steering changes in numerous astronomical segments like alternations in solar intensity and in orbital parameters. The primary force is also pushing the temperature level upward over each century.”

According to the research paper, “The impact of human activities and effects on Earth’s ecology has accelerating all-encompassing deforestation, trouncing of biodiversity, burning of vestige fuels, production of greenhouse gasses in the environment, harsh degradation of land, and intense environmental containment.”

The paper also highlighted that emission of greenhouse gasses caused by human activities over the last 4-5 decades have augmented the pace of temperature and now, the atmospheric temperature is rising 1.7 degrees Celsius per century, resulting in the dwarfing of the natural surroundings.