11 Dec, 2023
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Volcano erupts in Alaska spewing ash 30000ft high into the atmosphere

One of the active volcanic islands of Alaska belonging to the Aleutian island chain erupted on Wednesday and has been spewing ash into the atmosphere for almost as high as 30000 ft. Bogoslav Island, the island chain located off the coast of mainland Alaska into the berring sea, has the popularity of  being one of […]

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Climate change could be driving up the mercury level among fishes

The mercury levels in the various life forms have been a cause of concern for a long time. in the recent studies done by  a university of Sweden, the findings could further worsen the situation. According to the researchers, the mercury levels in the fishes that from a huge portion of the staple food eaten […]

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India to Upgrade Its 8-Point Climate Change Proposal To 11-Point for Addressing Climate Goals

In order to fight with the harsher impacts of climate change and addressing the climate change goals, Indian Government is planning to upgrade its 8-point climate change plan to 11-point soon. According to the press release, made by the officials of Environment Ministry of India, the proposed eight-point plan of India to combat climate change […]

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NOAA Warns Intense Scenario of Global Sea Level Rise to 8.2 Feet By 2100

The rising level of the sea has turned out to be the most prime concerns for scientists across the globe. On an average, the global sea level is mounting at a solemn pace, and now a new study report published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) too raises the bar for sea level […]

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Global Forest Ecosystem Detained Their Inhalation during Topical Warming Interruption: Scientists

The impacts of changing climatic patterns are notable on the entire globe, starting from the South Pole to the North Pole, including the global forest ecosystem. Instead of human being, the climate change and global warming are affecting the forest ecosystems more and numerous previously held studies have confirmed this already. But a recently conducted […]

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World Economic Forum Partners With UCSB’s Marine Science Institute To Save Oceanic Ecosystem

Flowing over three-quarters of the earth and holding 97% of the entire planet, oceans have become the lifeline of earth. They not only emit over half of the oxygen in the atmosphere but also soak up the most carbon from the atmosphere, making us survive on the earth. However, despite all the advantageous points, oceans […]

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Scientists Expect Sea Level to Ascend 20 Meters Higher Than Expected

We all know how changes in climate pattern are contributing to the unexpected and continual rise in sea level, across the globe. Organizations and governments throughout the world are giving their best effort to cap the global warming and Paris Protocol is one of them. However, a recently published study has come up with a […]

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Crack in Larsen C Ice Shelf Is Moving Ahead And Has Expanded Extra 10km since 1st January

Back in December last year, a team of scientists from NASA managed to photograph the massive crack in the Larsen C Ice Shelf. Under the IceBridge mission, NASA’s scientists clicked an oblique view of a huge fissure in the Larsen C ice shelf of Antarctic Peninsula and since then, the site was under surveillance. However, […]

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NOAA and NASA report suggests 2016 to be the hottest year recorded yet

Setting a new milestone for the changing climatic patterns, the scientists of NASA and NOAA, reported on Wednesday that our mother planet – Earth had struck its highest temperature in 2016, defeating the record of the hottest year, set a year earlier. 2016, the recently ended year is the new addition to the row of […]