27 Feb, 2024
2 mins read

Nibiru Cataclysm: Earth’s Doomsday will not happen on April 23, claims David Meade

Just a day before an unknown planet called Nibiru that was supposedly believed to collide with the Earth, David Meade, the Christian numerologist who predicted April 23 as the end of the world has summoned that the world will not end on April 23. According to David, it is written in the Bible in Revelation […]

3 mins read

Hubble space telescope celebrates its 28th anniversary with magnificent imagery of Lagoon Nebula

To commemorate its 28th anniversary, Hubble Space Telescope has sent a magnificent image of a gorgeous nebula located in the distant cosmos to mark its anniversary which has been a custom celebrated every April. Hubble Space Telescope, the largest ever space telescope stationed in the Earth’s orbit as of now was launched on April 24, […]

3 mins read

NASA proposes a lunar space station for deep space exploration with construction starting in 2019

NASA is all set to return to the moon after decades. NASA is ready to welcome a new chapter in its space exploration with a new space station that will be stationed around the moon. A NASA representative confirmed NASA’s plans at the Space Symposium conference held on April 19 where he explained about the […]

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SpaceX is one step closer towards its new facility at the port of Los Angeles where it will build BFR

SpaceX is one step closer to its ambitious spaceship facility at the Port of Los Angeles. Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX envisioned a facility that will be used to build rockets and spaceships towards Mars by 2022 and therefore, the private space company submitted a 10-year lease with two renewal proposal to the council […]

4 mins read

Astronomers detects asteroid 2018 GE3 that made a ‘surprise’ flyby close to the Earth

On Sunday, April 15, a massive football field-sized space stone passed near the Earth at just half of the distance between the moon and the Earth. Named as 2018 GE3, the asteroid was detected on April 14 by the Catalina Sky Survey just a few hours before it could zip past near the Earth. Per […]

6 mins read

Space Pollution: Out of control Tiangong-1 is just a start, end is more scary

Out of control, Chinese satellite Tiangong-1 is about to crash on Earth soon at an unknown place, revealed European Space Agency (ESA). Scientists are tracking the movement of the satellite weighing 19,000 pounds that will meet its doom within the first week of April. Moving at a speed of 17,500 miles per hour, the space […]

5 mins read

NASA Juno spacecraft beams back astonishing pic of rose-colored storms on Jupiter

The US space agency NASA’s Juno spacecraft that is orbiting Jupiter has beamed back another stunning image of the gas giant giving a mesmerizing view of the planet. The rose-colored storms on the Jupiter as seen in the stunning photo are a delight to watch. This image captures a close-up view of a storm with bright […]

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Scientists stunned as Great Red Spot on Jupiter is rapidly changing its color and shape

The Great Red Spot is the most spectacular thing about Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter is known for its extremely stormy and vociferous atmosphere and the Great Red Spot hosts some of the biggest storms of our solar systems and these storms have a very longer lifespan as compared to other […]

2 mins read

NASA plans to destroy the asteroid Bennu with nuclear bombs

NASA is preparing for a nuclear attack, not on Earth, but on a large asteroid that has some chances of colliding with Earth in future. The asteroid, named Bennu, has a 1 in 2,700 chance of crashing to Earth on September 21, 2135. So, NASA is planning to destroy this potentially dangerous asteroid through nuclear […]