21 Jul, 2024
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NASA honors Late Kalpana Chawla and 6 other Astronauts killed on Columbia Space Shuttle 15 Years Ago

NASA on its Annual Remembrance Day day honored all the astronauts who lost their lives in the line of duty. The Kennedy Space Center was filled with the emotional faces of the families, friends, and colleagues of the astronauts who died whilst on their mission. The honored included seven astronauts who were killed in the shuttle — Columbia 15 […]

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Astronomers angry after Rocket Lab throws giant ‘Disco ball’ in space

Rocket Lab, a New Zealand-based space startup company, has widely received criticism from the Astronomers worldwide after they secretively put a satellite likened to a giant ‘Disco ball’ into orbit. Dubbed as the ‘Humanity Star,’ the glistening artificial satellite by Rocket Lab will interfere with the scientific study of the universe, according to the annoyed astronomers and […]

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1.7 Billion year old chunks of North American land found in Australia suggest both were once connected

Curtin University researchers have recently made an astonishing discovery that links Australia and North America as a single unit. The researchers found rocks in northern Queensland, Australia, which bear striking similarities to those found in North America. The discovery suggests the two continents were part of a prominent single unit and separated over the course of […]

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Authorities on their toes after bizarre auction of $95,000 Dinosaur Tail in Mexico

Moroccan Authorities are going gaga over the bizarre auction of a 160 million-year-old Moroccan dinosaur tail, suspecting a potential attempt of trafficking a rare Moroccan dinosaur fossil. The fossil put up for auction in Mexico was sold to an anonymous buyer at approximately $95,000, or 1.8 million Mexican pesos. The authorities have opened an urgent investigation whether the […]

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Auction Consultant offers $20000 for a fragment of Michigan Meteorite weighing 1 Kg

American Meteor Society recently reported about finding two meteorites, soon after a meteor was spotted burning in the skies of Michigan. The meteor, which was 6-foot-wide, broke apart on Tuesday just about 20 miles over Earth. The two professional hunters Larry Atkins and Robert Ward of Arizona were the first ones to find and grab the specimen […]

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NASA MRO finds huge amount of ice deposits hidden under Martian surface

In an astonishing find, NASA scientists have discovered huge ice deposits beneath Mar’s surface by examining the data beamed back by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO). Scientists revealed that they have found eight different eight scarps, with slopes as steep as 55 degrees, revealing new information about the internal layered structure of previously detected underground ice sheets […]

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Mind Bending ‘Zoo Theory’ on existence of Aliens stun scientists

Are we alone? Do aliens exist? Search for extraterrestrial life got a massive boost in 2017, and some people claimed to spot alien creatures and UFOs to prove the existence of alien life. However, no better proof one can give except by presenting the alien body itself. Meanwhile, a radio astronomer at MIT believes that […]

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UFO or Glowing Jelly fish light in the sky confirmed as SpaceX rocket soars into sky

On the night of 22nd December, people in California saw a bright glow in the sky that looked something like a spaceship belonging to aliens. However, it was confirmed that the same was a reused SpaceX rocket that was set to launch the very same day with 10 satellites in its vicinity into the Earth’s […]

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World’s only sample of Metallic Hydrogen has escaped in the Harvard Laboratory

World’s first ever piece of metallic hydrogen that was created last month has vanished from the Harvard Laboratory. Scientists say that the precious metal disappeared due to a sudden change in pressure. However, the research team has reassured that soon they will be able to revive the metallic hydrogen again. A team of scientists at […]