04 Mar, 2024
6 mins read

Hawaii officials could ban sunscreen to protect coral reefs

Apart from the studies and theories discussed around the world to protect coral reefs, Hawaii officials have decided to put a ban on a certain type of sunscreen manufacturing. In a release, the lawmakers last week announced that they have passed a bill to put a ban on sales and manufacturing of sunscreen having a […]

5 mins read

NASA Hubble Space Telescope discovers farthest star named ‘Icarus’ ever seen

The US space agency NASA’s iconic Hubble Space Telescope has discovered farthest star ever observed by humans. The enormous blue star named Icarus is located more than halfway across the universe. Normally, it would be much too faint to view, even with the world’s largest telescopes. But through a quirk of nature that tremendously amplifies […]

7 mins read

Is universe really exist? Researchers find imbalance between matter and antimatter

Before Stephen Hawking died on March 14, he stated that the universe came into existence from ‘nothing’. Questions related to how the universe came into existence? Why matter exist? Why antimatter exist? And others have been the basic principles of metaphysics. With advancement in technology and scientific equipment, researchers have started applying scientific methods to […]

5 mins read

Boeing and SpaceX successfully conducted Parachute Testing for Crewed Flight Tests

In order to meet US space agency NASA’s requirements for certification, Boeing and SpaceX have successfully conducted parachute testing. On March 4, SpaceX performed its 14th overall parachute test supporting Crew Dragon development. This exercise was the first of several planned parachute system qualification tests ahead of the spacecraft’s first crewed flight and resulted in the successful touchdown […]