11 Dec, 2023
3 mins read

Auction Consultant offers $20000 for a fragment of Michigan Meteorite weighing 1 Kg

American Meteor Society recently reported about finding two meteorites, soon after a meteor was spotted burning in the skies of Michigan. The meteor, which was 6-foot-wide, broke apart on Tuesday just about 20 miles over Earth. The two professional hunters Larry Atkins and Robert Ward of Arizona were the first ones to find and grab the specimen […]

2 mins read

Research finds ingredients on meteorites that confirms the possibility of alien life in space

In an in-depth study of meteorites that befell on Earth in 1998 to determine the presence of water and mix of organic compounds such as hydrocarbons and amino acids. Scientists were looking for these organic compounds which make an essential part of life on Earth. These two meteorites dropped on two different places after revolving […]

2 mins read

‘Ball of light’ A meteor or was a alien spacecraft spotted over the sky of England

After many suspicious activities, this year here’s one more event is witnessed by the people of England. An object reported being a meteor streaked across the sky early Tuesday by lighting up the sky as wells as the social media. Still, this event hasn’t been confirmed by the Meteor Society but recorded by a webcam […]

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We Are Residing On Miscellanies of One Supermassive Solar-System Crash That Occurred 460 Million Years Ago

Nearly 40 million years ago, a titanic crash of solar system took place, whose remnants are still found on the earth, claimed the researchers of The Field Museum in Chicago. As per the new study, the solar-system collision was one of the biggest celestial collisions, whose residue meteorites are still presented on the earth. Most […]