‘Ball of light’ A meteor or was a alien spacecraft spotted over the sky of England
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‘Ball of light’ A meteor or was a alien spacecraft spotted over the sky of England

After many suspicious activities, this year here’s one more event is witnessed by the people of England. An object reported being a meteor streaked across the sky early Tuesday by lighting up the sky as wells as the social media. Still, this event hasn’t been confirmed by the Meteor Society but recorded by a webcam at the Mount Agamentics Conservation Right in york, in which the meteor headed to the north.

An astronomer said that it was similar to a meteor and was around the size of a golf ball passing at the speed of 10 and 30 miles per second. This event was discussed on Twitter around 6 pm when the audience saw that flaming object above. This strange meteor left everyone wondered and described as ‘Ball Of Light’ with a greenish glow. A few people explained it as the very bright blue flash of light.

Kenneth Janes, an astronomer, and professor at Boston University said he doesn’t believe it was a part of the meteor shower, the remains of broken up comets falling to Earth. The earlier one was around ten days ago, and the upcoming one isn’t until January. He continued that this meteor burned up before hitting the ground as maybe it was a small meteor. Otherwise, it would have triggered an explosion. “The ones that would do severe damage are rare, but not impossible,” Janes stated. “These are simply bits of rock in orbit around the sun. These occur every day around the earth.”

“Sometimes it’ll capture an Aurora,” stated Robin Kerr, the conservation coordinator. “It’s unique. About five or six years ago, it caught a snowy owl up on a viewing platform. We can see when there’s a meteor shower.” According to Janes NASA believes it has identified all the bits of space asteroids that are half-kilometer or greater in size. In October an asteroid of bus size passed between Earth and Moon.

Janes warned that something worse in the future couldn’t be ruled out. “There’s always a possibility,” said Janes. “But keep in mind the last catastrophic one was 65 million years ago. That’s the one that killed the dinosaurs.” According to American Meteor Society the majority of visible meteors which is produced by particles ranging in size from approximate that of small rock and weigh less than 1-2 grams. The majority of visible meteors are created by “particles ranging in size from approximately that of a small pebble down to a grain of sand and weigh less than 1-2 grams.”