14 Apr, 2024
2 mins read

Astronomers angry after Rocket Lab throws giant ‘Disco ball’ in space

Rocket Lab, a New Zealand-based space startup company, has widely received criticism from the Astronomers worldwide after they secretively put a satellite likened to a giant ‘Disco ball’ into orbit. Dubbed as the ‘Humanity Star,’ the glistening artificial satellite by Rocket Lab will interfere with the scientific study of the universe, according to the annoyed astronomers and […]

2 mins read

Is that a Disco ball in the sky? Rocket Lab launched satellite from New Zealand

If you gaze at the night sky above you, your eyes might catch the sight of a disco ball glinting and shining like a star. A startup company by US spaceflight named Rocket Lab has introduced three commercial type satellites out into the Earth’s orbit which was scheduled last week during the rocket launch. However, […]