11 Dec, 2023
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NASA’s Suomi NPP observatory clicks the startling infrared snaps of Northern Lights

The US-based space agency  National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has shared a series of eye-catching pictures of northern lights captured by one of its earth observatory satellite. Just a few hours after the occurrence of the winter solstice, a bunch of active particles from the Sun bumped into the magnetic ground of Earth, which […]

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‘Mars Ice Home’: NASA Proposes Blueprint of Abode for Potential Mars Explorers

As the prospects for the Mars Landing Project of NASA is coming closer, the scientists of the US-based Space agency are now busy in designing the blueprints for the residential address for the future explorers of the Red Planet. As the outcome of a winning research and innovative idea, the astronomers and scientists at NASA’s […]

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American Will Be Privileged To Witness a Complete Solar Eclipse In 2017

The New Year – 2017 will bring a number of natural rare phenomena and one of them is a complete solar eclipse. On 21st August 2017, the residents of America will be privileged to get a glimpse of a total solar eclipse. In the New Year 2017, researchers, scientists, and armchair astronomers countrywide will be […]

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Nasa astronaut Thomas Pesquet tweets stunning mountains-view from Expedition 50

Thomas Pesquet, the French aerospace engineer-pilot-astronaut of European Space Agency knows well how to keep the social media and space enthusiastic in high spirits. The astronaut, who is currently an onboard member of ESA’s satellite Expedition 50 has tweeted some stunning and breath-taking pictures of mountains from space. The pictures are giving some real and […]

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NASA’s Cassini beamed back proximal and highest-resolution snaps of Saturn’s moon Pandora

Cassini, the unmanned robotic spacecraft of NASA, which is orbiting planet Saturn since 1997, has beamed back some stunning close-up images of Pandora, the moon of Saturn. NASA, the US-based space agency has released a series of highest-resolution and close-up pictures of Saturn’s moon which are click by the high-definition camera aboard Cassini space probe […]

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NASA’s space laser sensor CALIOP beams back first Boom-And-Bust cycles of Polar Phytoplankton

NASA’s Space Laser Sensor which is orbiting the earth to assist the scientists in getting a better understanding of plankton boom-bust cycles has beamed back its first continuous view to the ground-based scientists. The images received by NASA are the first-of-its-kind pictures of the peak and decline of the Cycles of Polar Phytoplankton, a milestone […]

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ISS is detectable from Mumbai’s night skies: Here are 8 things everyone should know

NASA’s biggest habitable artificial satellite – International Space Station (ISS) these days is visible from the night skies of Mumbai. As declared by NASA, ISS is visible through naked eyes in the skies of Mumbai, from yesterday and the optical phenomenon will go for two more days. The first preview of ISS, while crossing Earth’s […]

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NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Detect Toddler Martian Spiders

NASA scientists believe that they have found the infant version of Mars Spider during a satellite survey. Scientists of NASA, using the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO)’s survey reports, have been able to spot the snowballing intensification of erosion-carved troughs which is expected to be the baby versions of larger features called Martian “spiders.” To recall, […]

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Cassini image demonstrating an illusion of Mimas crashing into Saturn’s Rings

Cassini, after completing its first ring-grazing event earlier a week, is moving towards a graceful climax in 2017 and is currently taking closest flyby approach to the rings of Saturn. However, before putting an end to its highly-successful Saturn Mission, the NASA-powered spaceship has beamed back some intriguing images to the earth, which are demonstrating […]