29 Nov, 2023
2 mins read

Saturn’s Ring : tiniest Moon looks like a space ravioli

Out of Saturn’s 53 confirmed Moons, the Moo named as Pan has a distorted shape. The new picture by NASA confirms its shape. Long ago astronomers found out that Saturn has a tiny Moon which looks like a distorted walnut or pasta. Different pictures were taken to research the distorted shape of this Moon. Astronomers […]

2 mins read

Cassini image demonstrating an illusion of Mimas crashing into Saturn’s Rings

Cassini, after completing its first ring-grazing event earlier a week, is moving towards a graceful climax in 2017 and is currently taking closest flyby approach to the rings of Saturn. However, before putting an end to its highly-successful Saturn Mission, the NASA-powered spaceship has beamed back some intriguing images to the earth, which are demonstrating […]