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Russian Soyuz

Russian Soyuz launch Astronaut and Cosmonaut on Space together

For the first time in last 14 years, An Astronaut and a cosmonaut are launched in International Space Station through Russian Soyuz. It is a new thing in last two decades. They are planned...
NASA-Funded Website ‘Backyard Worlds’

NASA-Funded Website ‘Backyard Worlds’ Enables Common Public to Search Celestial Objects

If you are a space enthusiast and dreaming of participating in NASA’s space exploration missions, then here’s the golden opportunity for you. NASA is now inviting people to help in exploring the so-called Planet...
The Magellanic Clouds

43,000 Light-Years-Long Bridge Hitch on Two Largest Satellite Galaxies of Milky Way

The Magellanic Clouds - two irregular dwarf and largest galaxies of Earth’s local galaxy Milky Way are hooked up by 43,000 light years long bridge, reported the new study conducted by a group of...
Japanese Researchers Detect New Way to Distinguish “Quiet Black Hole” Lurking in Milky Way

Japanese Researchers Detect New Way to Distinguish “Quiet Black Hole” Lurking in Milky Way

While researching on a molecular cloud with inscrutable motion, a team of Chinese researchers has stumbled on the presence of drift black hole lurking in earth’s local galaxy - Milky Way. Most black holes...
Calabash Nebula

Hubble Space Telescope Photographed Jaw-Dropping Views of Dying Star ‘Calabash Nebula’

Astronomers, by drawing on NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have successfully captured the spectacular images of dying star, located nearly 5,000 light-years from Earth. The dying star, called ‘Calabash Nebula’ or ‘Rotten Egg Nebula’ is...
Supermassive Extragalactic Void Called “Dipole Repeller”

A Supermassive Extragalactic Void Called “Dipole Repeller” Is Thrusting Milky Way

Our local galaxy – the Milky Way is not only being pulled but also being driven by a supermassive Extragalactic Void called “Dipole Repeller”, informed a team of astronomers in their new journal. The...
“Hello” - METI Scientists to set up communication with aliens by 2018

“Hello” – METI Scientists to set up communication with aliens by 2018

After facing multiple unsuccessful scanning of space for exploring the communication signals from extraterrestrial bodies, now the Earth-based astronomers are gearing up to say “Hello” to the aliens first. A San Francisco-based startup organization...
Universe's Largest Superclusters of Galaxies Espied Next To Milky Way

Astronomers discover largest superclusters of galaxies next to Milky Way

The Milky Way – which houses our solar system was previously believed to be alone. But now, a new discovery has come to forefront raising some serious questions on this long-established belief. A group...

India to House Fifth LIGO Centre to study Gravitational Waves

India is soon going to be the fifth privileged country to house Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) Centre for studying Gravitational waves. The establishment of Observatory & Research Centre in India will be world’s...

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